The Exquisite Art of Bamboo Handicrafts

Bamboo crafts and artifacts are an integral part of Indian traditional handicrafts. Owing to the large produce of bamboo in India and their eco friendly attributes bamboo crafts are a significance in the handicrafts market. 

Cane and bamboo products are mostly manufactured in the outdoors of rural and countryside households, this craft has no requirement for any special arrangement. In the urban areas, they are manufactured in segregated workshops. Products made out of bamboo are generally of two types i.e. articles which are made for daily use, suited for local requirements and the ones of finer quality which are used for both decorative and functional purposes and they especially cater to sophisticated markets.

Bamboo handicrafts and artifacts are a major expression of tribal art and culture as they contribute a major part of their livelihood and form the backbone of rural households. With India being the land of exquisite and spread out culture, traditions, style and trends there is co existence of both modern and traditional forms of art. The artistic creation of bamboo handicrafts by skilled craftsmen is one such amazing example of how there is a seamless blend of traditional methods of art with modern fashion. This form of art and artistic creation has made its way into the global markets with India being the sole producer of such items. 

Items like baskets, combs, crossbows, Bamboo Mats, mugs, hookahs, musical instruments, fishing devices, floor mats,winnowing baskets, oblong caskets, flower baskets, dolls and toys etc. are some of the products made from bamboo. With consumers opting for eco friendly environments the demand for such handicrafts in the home decor sector has gradually increased owing to the aesthetic needs of consumers. 

The essential tools required for bamboo handicrafts are the bill-hook, a ‘v’ shaped wooden frame and a knife. For creating bamboo furniture, saws, pliers, hammers, pincers, knives and daos are used by craftsmen.

The area of Araku Valley in Visakhapatnam district of the state of Andhra Pradesh is noted for its bamboo art. 


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